Braces Cum Facial

Beauty And The Teeth

Candice Demellza

Cock In Her Throat

When a cute girl with braces is walking down the street with a load of cum on her face, you cannot help but wonder, how did this happen? Well, Candice Demellza has a story to tell. She was moping around outside because all the other kids were making fun of her for her braces. Her teacher saw that she was in a sad mood, and came over to cheer her up. He told her she is beautiful just the way she is before taking her back to his place. There, she opened up her mouth wide to show off her braces before stuffing his cock into her throat. Then she gagged and sucked until she was ready to pop her teen pussy for him. He slammed her hard and then finished with a nice splash, giving her a cum facial to remember. And that is where we found her, walking down the street with cum on her face! Mystery solved!

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